27 Aralık 2019

“We will take care of it”

As Aydın’s only recycling factory, which is situated in Nazilli district, RETEK Selüloz Geri Kazanım End. San. ve Ticaret A.Ş recycles almost 13 truckload of waste paper every day. Thanks to this function, the factory saves 5,000 trees from being cut down. Also, this environmentally friendly factory exports cake doilies produced in the factory to 42 countries including Iraq, Syria, Qatar Kenya, Dubai, the UK and Germany.


AK Party (Justice and Development Party) Aydın Member of Parliament and Head of State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) Committee Mustafa Savaş visited the factory, which draws attention with its environmentally friendly function and export initiatives. During the visit, industrialist and businessperson Polat Güven expressed that they want to make a 20 million USD investment and they need a 100 decare land and state aids to enhance the employment and physical structure of the factory. AK Party Member of Parliament Savaş underlined the importance of grants and loans for export and added that the state was ready to provide all kinds of support to the business so as to improve employment in the region.


Savaş said that the state always stood behind businesspeople who increase their export investments and emphasized that he is going to hold talks with authorities regarding acquiring the  land the factory needs by remarking “the state holds the businesspeople who are productive and contribute to and employment dear”. AK Party parliament member underlined the importance of the factory and said: “Saving 5,000 trees from being chopped down annually should not be overlooked. The factory makes a major contribution to the economy of Aydın and the country. The state should increase the number of such factories.”

Furthermore, Savaş touched upon that AK Party continue its efforts to boost export and stressed that 2002’s 36 trillion USD export volume grew to 180 trillion USD.

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