14 Ağustos 2018

Turkish engineer produces a 12 million TL unit at a cost of 4 million TL

Mr. Polat Güven, the Chairman and Senior Mechanical Engineer of Retek Selüloz Geri Kazanım Endüstri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. based in Nazilli, Aydın, used a mere 4 million TL in the local production of an 8-cylinder drying unit which is used in paper industry and can be imported only from Italy and Ukraine for 12 million TL.
Drawing the project of the system, Güven assigned artisans in the industrial sites of İzmir, Denizli and Nazilli to craft the parts of the unit. Güven made significant savings thanks to efforts that lasted as short as 6 months, eliminating the cost of technical staff who would come from abroad for installation and maintenance if the unit were to be imported.

Engineering equipment also had to be imported at the stage of installation if the unit were to be imported, Güven said, adding that domestic companies assigned for craftsmanship had the chance to learn about a new technology thanks to the system which costs around 4 million TL. Pointing attention to the employment created for 15 people as part of the project, Güven stated the following:

"It was an investment that boosted quality and the capacity of the paper machine. The main goal of this investment is to guarantee energy efficiency, i.e., saving electricity and thermal energy that would otherwise be consumed by the paper produced. Energy consumption will decrease with this system. The project behind this investment is 100% in-house. We assigned domestic firms for labor and craftsmanship. This is how our domestic industry got familiar with a new technology, while our money remained in the country. Those firms also enjoyed the economic benefits of this project. We manufactured this unit at one third of the cost that we would pay to procure the unit from abroad. 


District governor Mr. Mehmet Okur visited RETEK A.Ş., one among only 25 recycling plants in Turkey, to congratulate Mr. Polat Güven for his efforts. Okur emphasized the need to support companies which contribute to Turkish economy and create employment in the region.

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