11 Temmuz 2018


Nazilli-based RETEK Selülöz Geri Kazanım Endüstrisi Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş is going to employ Forklift Operators and Boiler and Ignition Staff & Foremen. Authorities provided information about the open positions for 20 people in the 26-year-old, Nazilli-based paper plant that employs hundreds of people, and announced that candidates holding Forklift Operator and Boiler & Ignition Certification will be given priority; and also touched upon Retek’s operations in the sector and said the following: Recycling may be described as converting recyclable waste materials, having been out of use after being processed, into raw materials via use of various recycling methods and reintroducing them into manufacturing processes. At RETEK Selülöz Geri Kazanım Endüstrisi Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., it is our mission to “monitor closely evolving technologies and address our customers’ needs and expectations incessantly, in shortest possible times and at best costs”, under the leadership of our chairman, Mr. Polat Güven.

Recycling is important for the following reasons:

It protects our natural resources:

Used packaging materials and similar reusable wastes are used as sources of raw materials, and therefore primary raw materials and natural resources which otherwise will be consumed for a new material are preserved, leading to savings in costs. Our natural resources shrink each passing day due to increasing world population and consumption. This is why they should be used in a more efficient manner.

  • It ensures energy savings:

The number of physical and chemical processes in recycling is lower than that of normal production processes, enabling us to achieve significant energy savings in producing materials through recycling. The amount of energy saved via recycling varies depending on the composition and type of the waste material. Experts state that an energy saving of 90% is achieved by recycling an aluminum box and 60% by recycling a paper.

The amount of waste is reduced:

Thanks to recycling, less waste is sent to dump sites. And, as less dump sites and less energy will be needed, shipment and storage of such waste is made easier.

 Recycling contributes to economy:

Recycling prevents shrinkage of raw materials and consumption of natural resources, which will as a result contribute to the economy of the country. Authorities pointed attention to the problems they faced in finding qualified people particularly in Nazilli, referring to the vocational courses of 10 days to 4 weeks that will be provided to applicants without certification. They said, those applicants will be able to start work after they receive certification. Demirkaya also added that the Public Education Center and RETEK will sign a memorandum to launch vocational courses in the upcoming days.

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