11 Temmuz 2018


The sole destination of recycled plastics and papers for the past 18 years, Nazilli-based RETEK processes and recycles 6 trucks of scrap paper on a daily basis. Recycling monthly 2,500 tons of paper, the plant is also proud of being the only company recycling plastics in Turkey.
RETEK Selüloz Geri Kazanım Endüstri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Chairman and Senior Mechanical Engineer Mr. Polat Güven said 45 people are employed at the plant spanning 10 thousand square meters, and around 500 people in the region have access to employment in the field of paper and plastic collection thanks to the plant, while the region has made a remarkable progress in waste collection. Referring to his company as an expert of recycling, Mr. Polat Güven stated that Turkey comes 10 years ahead France and 5 years ahead USA in recycling. “We pay around 3 million TL in VAT per annum”, Güven said, and he reminded of the 2009 fire in the plant until when RETEK was the second highest tax payer after UĞUR Cooling in the district.
NO ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION Mr. Güven remarked that most of the machines in the plant run with thermal and electric energy, and the company works in collaboration with the Italian consultant of the plant to closely follow the innovations put into use in Europe and introduce them to Retek plants. “We use coal for thermal energy that contains very low sulfur levels, and the provincial directorate for environment measures emissions once in every 6 months. This all means that in no way do we harm the environment. A few months ago, we deactivated our flue system due to a failure caused by the system. We notified the provincial directorate of the situation. We also place great importance on human health. Therefore, we purchased a fully-automatic boiler system operated by the personnel. This 600-thousand-TL giant investment will help us guarantee zero environmental pollution. We are planning greater investments for the upcoming periods.”
STUDENTS HAVE SITE VISITS Mr. Güven underscored the extensive know-how of Retek in the field of recycling, talking about the students of many schools in the region who were invited to the plant to guide them for recycling classes and informed of recycling by having a plant tour.
MR. GÜVEN COMPLAINED OF INDIFFERENCE There are only 20 to 25 paper recycling plants in Turkey, Mr. Güven stated, going on to say that RETEK is the only waste paper and plastic plant in Turkey, pointing attention to the indifference of authorities. The plant that covers an area of 10 thousand square meters is insufficient for Retek, and despite their willingness, they are unable to find an available place in Organized Industrial Zone, according to Güven who delivered the following remarks: “We would like to grow more and create more employment. Although we are the only plastic and waste paper recycling plant in Turkey, not a single authority has visited us to find out what we do and what we produce or to hear our problems, issues and requests. They are always after foreign investors. They are not particularly interested in doing what it takes for local investors to grow. This is something that well deserves a thought”.

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