Environment Policy

Our company has been operating in compliance with applicable laws for the last 30 years. Retek is an environmentally-friendly company certified by the Ministry of Environment. Holding all environmental production licenses necessary, it is exemplary in tackling environmental issues, in constant communication with the ministry and full compliance with laws.

All our operations are first approved by the Ministry. Likewise, all our certificates are full and complete. We undertake periodic and continuous measurements, achieving results that fully comply with laws. We use lawful fuels, and no poisonous, toxic and environmentally hazardous gases have been observed in our results. All our results are certified by measurements. Our company carries out production with high-tech machinery and contributes to economy with full commitment to continuous innovation and reliability.

Retek has assumed it as a duty to preserve the value nature has granted to humanity, and therefore it is fully aware of its responsibilities in protecting the environment and natural resources. This is why our principles


  • Satisfying all applicable laws that pertain to Retek;
  • Increasing energy performance by preserving natural resources without polluting the environment;
  • Guaranteeing sustainability by taking mitigating measures for waste of energy and water;
  • Taking into account the effects of products and processes on environment and energy, prioritizing waste-minimizing measures for environment, and making it a goal to use innovative technologies in energy efficiency;
  • Carrying out training courses to expand personal responsibility with regards to matters determined for Retek Family in order to ensure awareness for environment and energy and make this awareness sustainable;
  • Acting in effective and continuous communication to meet at a common ground and full collaboration with all in the value chain from legal bodies and employees to customers and suppliers.
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