One of the largest private enterprises in Turkish paper and cardboard industry, Retek AŞ was founded by our Chairman Mr. Polat Güven in 1989 in Nazilli. Retek AŞ ventured into the industry producing cellulose RTC, and is today an exemplary company certified by the Ministry of Environment for fully environmentally-friendly operations in constant communication with relevant stakeholders. Using 100% waste paper, it produces greyboard and cardboard, and thus significantly contributes to economy.

Retek started to produce greyboard in 2002, having stepped into the field before many companies in the sector. Our company taps into high-tech machinery in production, with an innovative mindset that welcomes novelties and promotes continuity in innovation. It pays ultimate attention to customer satisfaction and undertakes periodic revisions in quality and capacity. Aiming to build upon its achievements from greyboard production in cardboard industry, our company founded Retek Cardboard Factory in 2016. It is among the limited number of companies in the world that utilizes the most advanced technology in paper industry. It has an annual capacity to produce 40 million kg of greyboard and 20 million kg of cardboard with cutting-edge production technology and automation system. 

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